Friday, October 14, 2016

Trip Summary

Trip to Tanzania Summary:

We travelled from Cape Town through Mozambique into Tanzania till the Lake Victoria and back for 55 days.
We drove 14 945 km.
We used 2254 litres of diesel:).
We spent 9518 ZAR (606 Euro) for our accommodation (We spent 12 days staying with friends/couchsurfing and 48 days camping or staying in a hotels, lodges).

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Day 48,49 Coffee Bay - Port St Alfred - Plettenberg Bay - Cape Town

January 26, 2016
Yesterday afternoon and all night there were heavy rains in the area. And roads are very hilly and muddy here. So we woke up in the morning and headed further not knowing what expects us. Already in first few moment we understood that the roads were in very bad condition. We were slipping and sliding all over the road.
Sometimes the road was just a small path:
Spipery red mud:
After few long hours and short kilometres, we got onto a tar... Car was so muddy you couldn't tell the real colour :D
Beautiful, colourful houses in Transkei:
We drove through a town called Dutywa:
And straight after Dutywa we found nice small gravel road:
And there in  the grass a giant lizard:
Soon we were in town called Butterworth, where we took a small road into the mountains:
The scenery as we drove out of the town:
River full of cows:)
The road was stunning and mountainous:
Wend downwards to cross the rivers with small bridges:
And in the afternoon we arrived to Port St. Alfred:
Beautiful place:
We found a very nice camping place. Had many interesting conversations to the owner:
Travel Map

Next day January 27, 2016 we headed to Plettenberg Bay to meet our friends form Ireland and spent there 5 days and after that we went back to Cape Town and we were home after 55 days on the road.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Day 47 Port St Johns - Coffee Bay

January 25, 2016
From Port St Johns we travelled Transkei and headed to Coffee Bay for the night.
As soon as we turned off the main road, the nice small and sometimes overgrown road appeared:
Transkei is very hilly area, you go up and down all the times, through villages and some random houses here and there:
Traffic jams:
As closer you go to the sea as more beautiful the scenery. Deserted and wild beaches:
Dried ot riverbeds:
And broken bridges:
Here countless rivers rivers flow in to the sea:
And the favourite colour is turquoise:
Small gravel roads and very green:
And lots of water everywhere:
Schools full of kids:
And here we come closer to Coffee Bay:
Beach at coffee bay:
View from our campsite:
This is our camp:
It was quite slanted so we fixed with some rocks: :)
 And crayfish dinner :)
Travel Map

Monday, October 3, 2016

Day 46 Ballito - Port St. Johns

January 24, 2016
After few days of great time in and around Durban, we headed to Transkei. We drove down along the coast and tried to choose smallest roads possible.
Soon we were in Wild Coast:
And beautiful hilly scenery that is typical to Transkei:
 Soon the clouds gathered and rain was not far:
We drove through South African villages:
Beautiful Transkei scenes:
Dramatic skies:
And very big fog:
In the afternoon we got to Port St. Johns:
And we camped in the garden of Steve's Pub & Restaurant, we were here 2 years ago,  on our first Transkei trip: