Thursday, September 29, 2016

Day 44,45 Bushbaby - Ballito

January 22, 2016
Today we planned to go and stay with our friend Josh who me met on our Angola trip he crossed West Africa and has a blog about it So we were heading southwards near the coast. We crossed few steel bridges:
And visited Isimangaliso National Park:
What a big difference after Serengeti! Look at these roads! And they gave us a map! For free!!! :)))
We were still in forestry region:
Our first animals - warthog family:
We took a smaller road to see the campsite neat St Lucia Lake:
And here is was St Lucia lake again! The campsite was closed due to lack of water. There hasn't been raining since many months and the lake has significantly dried. All hippos and crocodiles were gone...
Look who is hiding in the trees!
Zebras in the forest!
Then we came across many giraffes - they were running, playing with each other:
Lots of giraffes:
And hippos in the water!
Zebras again:
How big is giraffe if you compare with a zebra :D
Who did this!
And very great path walks in the park, beautifully made. There were toilets, water, soap, signs and information:
Here nicely done lookout:
 Another view of the lake, dried out completely:
And here they are Rhinos!!! We saw 7 rhinos in the water:)
Nice roads and signs again:
Then we drove to the other side of the lake, the road next to the sea:
Watch your belongings :)
Went down to the beautiful Indian ocean:
Buffaloes in the grass:
Another view of the St Lucia lake:
Some bucks:
 In St Lucia town right in the river! Hippo :)
So we had a great time in this part of South Africa and were heading towards Durban. We visited our friend, had a great time, good food, good drinks, stunning view of Indian Ocean. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Day 43 Ponta Du Ouro - Bushbaby

January 21, 2016
After nice and relaxing day we headed back to South Africa! We were very close to the border so those were our last hours in Mozambique. We drove through Ponta Du Ouro town:
And then navigating sandy and hilly roads towards the border:
Very quick and easy border crossing, and we were in South Africa! Nice tar roads, super markets... :) And soon we took a small gravel road off the main road and off we went to wonder around small South African roads again!
 Lots of forestry happening around this area, we drove through many forests:
The road got even smaller and smaller:
Locals with their goats, a small traffic jam:
There were lots of people working in the forests:
 Driving through there forests was really spectacular:
 As we got close to the lake called Sibay the road got more bushy and overgrown:
 We were going through lots of bush, not many cars been here before us:
And then finally we got into open space and drove to the lake:
No swimming or you might be eaten by a croco-dillo!!!
 We got to Mbazwana town where we got onto a tar road again:
We drove to St Lucia lake and took road D675 to False Bay where our GPS showed that there is a campsite. It was a school day and we saw many children coming back from the school. We felt that we were back to some kind of civilisation because you can't see much of that in Mozambique:
So we drove to the campsite, and it turned out that everything was overgrown and nothing was there:
Small bushy road to the campsite:
Dry St Lucia lake:
That's the view from that camp:
We didn't want to stay there so we drove back to the main road:
We drove through Hluhluwe:
Eventually we found a great campsite its called Bushbaby ( So we set up our camp:
Chicken for dinner tonight!
Later in the night we went to watch bushbaby feeding:
Travel Map