Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 26 Mosuma - Singida

The night was not very peaceful for us, because we were eaten by mossies. Despite aircon and electric plug for mosquitos, the room was full of them and apparently we were delicious... :) Just outside of our window there was Lake Victoria, and beautiful sunrise. We went for the breakfast in our hotel. View from our room:
 Soon we left Mosuma and headed into inland Tanzania, here are the last views of Lake Victoria:
The roads were good all the way today, even we were off the beaten track, not many tourists wonders inland Tanzania. So it was great to watch locals taking busses, building houses, travelling for business.
Few times we took some back roads that were not on the map and we asked villagers for the road:
In the evening we got until a village called Singida, there are almost no campsites in the middle of Tanzania and so we stayed in hotel. Which was even cheaper than camping. We paid 30.000 schillings for both of us which is 12 euros! including breakfast. The room was good as well, we were given shampoos, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, there was aircon, tv, mosquito net. There were no western tourists around only Tanzanians who were dressed in suits, some business man travelling for work.
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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Day 25 Serengeti - Mosuma

January 3, 2016
We woke up really early are were exited to start our day in Serengeti. The sunrise was spectacular:
Our first animal - Superb starling which is commonly found in Eastern Africa :)
Quick shower and coffee, quickly packed ourselves and we were gone into wild:) This is how our campsite looked:
Just few metres away from the campsite we saw a giraffe, it must have been wandering around our campsite while we were sleeping:
And a kiddie on the road:
Typical Serengeti landscape:
Acacia trees:
Soon we were stopped by literally hundreds if not thousands of buffalos crossing the road. We waited good half an hour if not more until they passed:
This is the signs in Serengeti completely overgrown:
Lots of hippos in the pool:
Baby hippo with birds:
We were attacked by huge amount of tsetse flies:
And bunch of other animals all at the same spot:
Who's hiding in the tree?
After the Serengeti we drove to Mosuma city which is next to lake Victoria:
Sunset at the lake Victoria:
We stayed at a small hotel and this was our room for 20 USD both including breakfast:
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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Day 24 Karatu - Serengeti

January 2, 2016
In the morning we woke up really early, before the sunrise, to get as early as possible to the Ngorongoro Gate. We paid the fees and were inside soon. The first thing that we could see was how the scenery was so different from the outside of the park - the forest was so thick!!! You couldn't see through a meter!
 Thats the crated from above:
 First animals we saw were few dozens of buffaloes:
 There are Masaai people living in the conservation area, they grow their cattle and live in small settlements:
 Ngorongoro Park is scattered with masaai villages:
Just before descending to the crater there is another gate where the guard asked where is our guide! (more money they wanted!) We said we have no seats in the car for another person and we drove off.
Another view from above:
Even going down to the crater there were humans with cattle:
 Few signs:
Down at the crater there are few roads and we were just driving around and watching animals, here are some photos of animals we saw:
Few places where loads of water so we were crossing few rivers:
Elephant with the biggest tusks!
The animals were everywhere! And all at the same spot, we didn't know which way to look :) We were there for a couple of hours and then we headed up again towards Serengeti:
More Masaai villages:
Getting closer to Serengeti we saw some wildebeest crossing the road (it was't wildebeest migration though):
The road in Serengeti was really bad, the corrugations were so bad that we almost lost all our teeth :D For all that money we spent its quite disappointing. Another letdown was that at the gate there is no information about the park, we asked for the map and we were told to go to buy one in a shop for 10 US$ (A3 size)!!! And all the signs in the park are old or overgrown. So it was quite disappointing and we didn't feel welcomed at all (apart of our money). Here is the gate in Serengeti:
Another hyena just few kilometres after the gate:
We took a small side road to drive around. The scenery is very flat, lots of grass and a couple of trees here and there:
And our first elephant family:
Getting closer to the evening we drove to our campsite which was another disappointment, no facilities at all, there was just cut grass for the campsite space, toilet and cold showers, no toilet paper. Not that we need luxuries but having spent 760 US$ for 1 night stay that was a bit shocking... Anyways we had a good night sleep with many many animal noises around us, we thought that those could be hyenas... But that was a good feeling to be in a tent and knowing there were so many animals around us that we knew were there but we couldn't see...
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